Our Church Leadership

We intend to work locally to bring the Gospel of Jesus to our neighbors, making a lasting impact on our city as we serve and love our people in Jesus’ name.  

We are a 'missions-minded' church as well, supporting several missionaries around our nation and world enabling God to use them to share God's saving grace with others worldwide.

By the grace of God, we hope to grow as individual followers of Christ and as a church and see our community, nation and world transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

OUR  Pastor

Pastor Gerald Hervey leads our church family, weekly worship service and Bible study.  He uses a casual verse-by-verse method of Biblical instruction and application.   Currently studying the New Testament book of I Thessalonians.


Our Elder Board

Contact Pastor or Elders:

Pastor Gerald Hervey       

(785) 284-3652 / (785) 548-5980c

Elder Sherman Dodge     

 (785) 467-8040 

Elder Dave Mars               

 (785)  284-2020

Elder Steve Strahm

(785)  284-3520